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Womens Probiotic CFU Guaranteed with Cranberry, Vegan Strains, Probiotics for Women Supports Digestive, Immune, & Vaginal Health, Lovely Shelf Stable Gummy Supplement, No Soy Gluten

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About this item

  • 3 Billion CFUs: Once daily women's probiotic gummies for optimal feminine health support
  • Happy Vag Happy Life: Formulated with specially chosen lactobacillus strains rhamnosus, acidophilus, fermentum and reuteri to support vaginal flora and normal pH balance
  • Digestive, Urinary & Immune Support: Natural digestive health & immune support with cranberry extract for urinary tract support
  • Convenient & Natural: Our delicious, easy to chew gummies are made with natural flavors; No water & no refrigeration required, conveniently take them anytime and any place
  • Womens Probiotic Gummies Billion CFU Hello Lovely Formulated: best for all women and over 40 50 60 once daily probiotics gummy para digestive female gut vaginal health supplements with lactobacillus cranberry vag support supplement pro biotic probioticos billion probitics probotics 10 100 mujer woman care

Hello Lovely! Womens Probiotic

Probiotics for women with cranberry for daily digestive, vaginal, urinary & immune health support. Vegan probiotic strains, shelf stable and no gluten or soy. Ultimate flora support and feminine care, with support for gut health.